Appbounty Review


Review of Appbounty

Appbounty is an application which is free for users. This app can be installed and money can be made at any time. You can use your cell phone and get this application. Many offers and ways are mentioned for users of Appbounty. These offers must be completed in order to get credits. These credits can be converted to cash for getting benefits.

Makers of apps are posting many types of applications on Appbounty on a regular basis and competition is increasing with time. It is important to give good and top class apps to users as if the apps are not good then the users will delete them and search for other apps. In this manner the choices for users for getting good apps is increasing and they have many choices for using the apps with the help of Appbounty while making money at the same time.


Process of Appbounty

The process of Appbounty is simple. You can download and install Appbounty on your cell phone. Then you can check the offers and ways for making money for making selection. You can download and install applications through Appbounty in order to get credits. Just download and open the application through Appbounty and you are given credits. In this manner you can make many credits and then use them for getting paid.


Makers of applications are using Appbounty to get advertisement and marketing for their apps. They are offering credits for users so that the apps could be checked. Those apps which are good could be checked by many users and the apps are famous.


Many apps are offered as a free version for users so that they can check the apps before going for paid versions. Appbounty is promoting the free apps for users. If the apps are good then the users are willing to pay for the paid versions of apps.


Features of Appbounty

Here are some features of Appbounty:


  • Minimum payout of Appbounty is 2 Euros
  • Thousands of people are members of Appbounty
  • There is a referral program for making money through Appbounty
  • This app can work on android and iOS
  • Many modes of getting paid are available
  • Euros is the main currency in Appbounty
  • This app supports international language
  • It is free to use this site and app
  • Appbounty is working successfully from many years
  • All countries are accepted to use this app


Users of Appbounty

Many people are using Appbounty and they are happy with the results. You can check payment proofs from users of this app which are for guidance that this site is legit and paying the members. The number of users of this app is increasing with time and many new offers are added for making money.


Many people are using referral programs in order to get paid through commissions by referring their friends and family members. No risks are involved as this app is free to download and install. Users are happy as they can start using this app in a short time period. Many users of this app are making a lot of money and having fun while using Appbounty.


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Magic Rush Heroes – Review

magic rush heroes

Magic Rush Heroes is an amazing game for Android users. The game seeks to fulfil the many cravings of any Android game player. The most important aspect of the game is the hero levelling RPG, despite the cross genre offerings.

The Heroes are quite unique and can range anywhere from 1 to 5 star rarity, when they are initially discovered. The heroes when split into five roles are; Marksman, Tank, Cannon, Support and Mage. When you advance a hero, you’ll unlock additional equipment slots and skills. When a hero gains experience, his level will increase, which will in turn increase the level of their skills. When you collect soul stones tied to each hero, it will enable you to evolve the heroes and generally increase their statistics.

The main aim of the Magic Rush Heroes game is on the campaign where you have to gather your heroes and lead them to battle against your enemies. This campaign is broken down into various chapters with a lot of stages, each of which is required for a hero to advance. When a player completes the first chapter while in normal mode, it will unlock the elite mode of the campaign. Through the campaign, there are optional hero towers, from where you have to prevent the enemies from reaching the crystal.

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You’ll unlock the RTS part of the Magic Rush Heroes game when you reach level 25. You can send your heroes to collect resources from other kingdoms. You can use these resources to upgrade your kingdom and research different ways to generate passive resources.

The most interesting part of the game is the Arena, where you will have to challenge other players of the game to defend and increase your rank. With higher ranks come larger rewards like gold, diamonds, and arena points on a regular basis. There are also daily quests you can complete for more points.

Happy gaming!


Dream League Soccer 2016 Cheats & Tipps & Hacks

dream league soccer

Countless numbers of coins for a rapid rise – which promises every Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack offer. Whether it’s the point? You can get clever cheats and tips for the here!

Recently, Dream League Soccer 2016 for Android and iOS released in the market. So if you want to try a different football game should take a look in this game. The controller is funny in any case, because it gives you the feeling to be back at the console. However, a free-2-Play model is quite fast the borders.

Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack – the fast way through Coins?

Most gaming apps come with the freemium model on the smartphone. One can download and play, but there are optional in-app products can be bought with real money. Some games are as fair than others. Who Dream League Soccer 2016 has downloaded, will find here you quickly reach its limits. The first team that you get asked is not so full and the players get tired very quickly. New energy can save through Coins. At the turn to get not so easy – unless you take money in hand and buys what. Not necessarily fair, but permitted. Logically, that solutions are sought, such as a Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack or any cheats.

Hack Tools are risky

Regarding the hacks we want to warn at this point. While there are countless offers out there. However, all too often stuck fraudsters behind the deal, who would take a financial and personal information from your pocket. In addition, the tools are not without risk, as they are often provided with viruses and malware. Therefore rather stay away – and the following tips and tricks to try!
Cheats & Tips for the Soccer Game 2016

Who wants to go far in the game without a Dream League Soccer Trucchi or monetary investment, should follow these tips lead to mind:

(1) Control rule: The element of any football game is mastering the control. One should look first to fully understand the control of the game. Only when you play good passes, score goals and a few tricky moves has it, there is also the chance of a podium. So does, best to play as many matches as possible.

(2) Online mode use: Since the second tip connects to the same. There is an online mode and should use it also as much as possible. There is actually no better exercise than playing against other gamers. Here one learns not only to control one’s own control, but to respond to the other and may be improved abgucken a few tricks.

(3) Player market: We recommend that initially no players offer on the transfer market, but to expand the squad first. So you have plenty of spare men when making the other limp. When transfer is essential to ensure that players one gets with good ratings. Although famous names are enticing, you can win only with good players – the ratings will allow their skills to.

(4) Match tactic: Almost as effective as a Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack is the right tactic. We are so far the best run at a more aggressive tactics. With the formation 4-3-3, ie with three strikers, we had the most success.

(5) Training and development: If one has put together a solid team, it is now important that players also to train. Upgrading in the single player development is extremely important. Unfortunately, with 50 Coins also not cheap – but a good long term investment.


Dragon Mania Legends a Walkthrough

As the gaming world is enhancing gradually and numerous new and innovational games have been launched in the gaming sector. One of the most recent additions to the online gaming world that have won the hearts of numerous players is the Dragon Mania Legends.

The platform and graphics of the game are unique and remarkable. Let me tell you moreIt has dragon mania legends breeding an astounding design that takes you to the mythical land of beasts called dragons where you need to build your own particular dragon territory and breed them to get more winged beasts. There is additionally the chance of purchasing the dragons on the online store.

The best part about this smart game is that it can be played on any device like windows, android, apple iOS and you can get to it online as well. So select your favorite platform and begin playing the Dragon Mania Legends.

dragon mania legends


The game starts as you give life to your mythical dragon beasts, make the natural habitat, and set up your dragons for the fights around dragonlandia. In this part of the game, the player has to make their dragon strong by proper food and tough training. After that, breed the best of your mythical dragons to get an army of winged beasts. You can likewise search for a few new types of mythical dragons to make your army more powerful.

Once your beast is prepared, the time has come to begin the real fun. You can fight in 3 on 3 fights or you can likewise battle against opponents. Winning the fight will help you gain a few prizes that can be utilized as a part of future in the game.

You can likewise send and get gifts from your companions in the game. Consequently, the time has come to instruct your dragons with unique abilities and skills. Make your way towards the victory in Dragon Mania Legends.

Levels and Nutrition:

To make your spare time the most exciting and fun Dragon Mania Legends has been created with 70 levels. To reach the next level you have to win the battles and provide your dragons with the nutrition they require.

Food and gold are the things that you have to earn in the game to make your dragon grow and become strong. You can use the gold to farm and grow as much food as you require. So utilize your gold wisely to make your winged beast grow.

Game habitat:

To make your armed force unbeatable you need to construct a few natural habitats so that your mythical dragons can live in their particular environment. The most famous habitat are:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Plant
  • Metal
  • Energy

So select the mythical beasts and develop your habitat so you can battle your rivals and turn into the best player of the game.

Dragon Mania Legends will give you best gaming experience. Dragon Mania Legends can be regarded as the best game to spend your time.


Here a walktrough video: